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Lasik and Dry Eyes

Lasik and dry eyes are events that go hand-in-hand for many people who undergo this simple and effective surgery. However, it is no guarantee that dry eyes will occur after the surgery. Instead, many people experience a great exaggeration of dry eye symptoms, which already exist, after surgery. To understand this, it’s important to understand both the cause of dry eyes and the process that the eyes undergo during this type of laser-assisted surgery.

Dry eyes happen to everyone from time to time. However, many people chronically have dry eyes, which occurs when the eyes are not regularly moisturized with a small amount tears. The cause of this situation happens for a number of reasons – poor tear ducts or nerve problems on the eye, for example. Regardless, these conditions have the same result – dry eyes – that has the same basic treatment – moisturizing eye drops. Some people have prescription drops, while others have over-the-counter drops depending upon the severity of the condition.

With LASIK, a small flap is created on the eye under which laser honing of the cornea occurs. This itself irritates the surface of the eye and additionally deadens nerves on the surface on the eye, which can cause a numbness, which reduces moisturizing. How the eye heals after the surgery is a great determinant in the likelihood that an individual will see any problems with dry eyes. Usually, for anyone with dry eyes already, LASIK will definitely increase problems over time. However, much of this may be temporary until the eye completely heals after surgery.

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