Lasik Surgery
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HDTM Lasik

HDTM Lasik is the surgical process of correcting the vision of a person by altering the lenses of their eyes through the use of lasers. This may sound a bit imposing, however the surgery usually requires no sedation and takes only a few minutes to perform on the eyes. With impressive results for many who undergo this procedure, it’s not surprise that so many people are rushing to have it performed on their eyes. This surgery frees most people of the need to wear glasses or contact lenses by fixing common eye problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism through this simple method.

This process involves three separate procedures that, barring any complications, can take only about five minutes to accomplish. First the eye has a small flap created on it using a tiny blade. After the incision on an eye is made the cornea can be accessed and then reshaped by a laser, which useless a heatless method to burn away parts of the cornea. Once the shaping in complete, the flap on the eye is closed and inspected to determine if it will heal correctly.

Lasik surgery can have many different complications, the most common of which is pain when looking at bright lights. Another common side effect of the surgery is hemorrhaging in the eyes, which usually goes away after only a few weeks. Still many have reported serious complications and actually reduced vision after surgery. The risks are the same for everyone and as the technology advances these cases will be reduced.

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