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Cost of Lasik Eye Surgery

Many people have begun to enjoy the benefits of LASIK, however if you’re considering this surgery to correct very common vision problems, the first question on your mind is most likely – what is the cost of lasik eye surgery? Unfortunately, there is a lot of scheming amongst professionals to give the lowest price for this procedure, which can lead to a lot of confusion as well as higher than expected bills.

The overall price on average is usually just over $2,000. Naturally, this greatly depends on the medical options that are available to each person – such as location, insurance, and severity of their visual condition. Nonetheless, this number is a good baseline to determine if a quoted price is realistic and a complete price. For lasik, though the surgery is very simple, taking only a few minutes, the price of the technology, medical follow-up, and any necessary medications can significantly add to the initially quoted price for this procedure.

The main idea to keep in mind is to avoid anything that sounds to good to be true. An extremely low cost does not represent an advancement in technology (otherwise, everyone would have that low price). It usually represents the cost of only the surgery rather than the price of the entire procedure along with follow-up and medication. Additionally, watch out for places that quote prices in terms of ‘per eye.’ A medical office should be able to give an overall price rather than trying to fetch business using such a method. The bottom line is shop around and read all the fine print that comes with these procedures.

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