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Bad Lasik Eye Surgery

While most of today’s medical procedures and operations have vastly improved over the years, offering greater success rates and much improved safety levels, there is unfortunately no such thing as a 100 percent success rate and there is always at least some degree of risk of something going wrong. And since your vision health is one of your greatest treasures, we have put together some information regarding what can occur with bad lasik eye surgery.

One of the top concerns that people should be aware of is permanently dry eyes. This can result from the effect of the laser’s direct contact with the cornea and surrounding area of the eye. While this is normally quite safe for a majority of the patients that have this procedure done, it is still a potential risk. However, there are special eye drops that are specifically designed to help treat these dry eye symptoms.

In addition, bad lasik eye surgery may also result in over corrected or under corrected vision. In these cases, many patients will have to go back for another procedure, which is known as an enhancement. In addition, some patients have suffered from permanently blurred vision or even total loss of vision in that eye. However, these cases are usually largely a minority.

Also, eye care professionals who fail to properly clean the eyes and the surrounding area put their patients at risk for harmful side effects or decreased vision capabilities. So, it will help if you prepare some questions ahead of time to ask your eye specialist to insure that they maintain a thorough and proper protocol for the procedure, both pre operation, during the operation and post operation.

And what many people tend to take for granted is that there needs to be a significant amount of pre operation advice in order to make sure that the operation goes as smoothly and successfully as possible. This includes receiving advice on not wearing contact lenses for a certain period of time prior to the operation because these lenses actually change the shape of your cornea and can cause inaccurate treatment of your vision. In addition, your doctor should also make inquires as to whether or not you have had any eye illnesses or injuries in the recent past as these factors can also create a bad eye surgery experience.

Finally, the signs of a bad lasik surgery can also include the price. You should both be ware of operations that are too expensive, over $4,000, or too cheap, under $400.

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